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As the NPDES Phase II Stormwater Regulations approach requiring the implementation of Best Management Practices to address water quality, Stormdrain Solutions is committed to assist you with your pre and post construction stormwater plans in the most cost effective manner.

Stormdrain Solutions is a Pennsylvania based corporation that has developed an innovative, cost effective solution to abate stormwater pollution. Our patented design removes a significant percentage of the contaminants from stormwater runoff. The Inceptor is an expanded stainless steel cage which is suspended in an existing stormdrain inlet requiring only a biannual replacement PolyDak filter. The PolyDak filter coalesces contaminants that are transported by means of stormwater runoff from parking lots, highways, streets, loading docks, service bays and construction sites. The release is cleaner surface water, which promotes environmental awareness and compliance with the NPDES Phase II Stormwater Regulations. The Inceptor has revolutionized the stormwater treatment industry. With removal efficiencies of oil, grease, silt, sediment and heavy metals in the 70 to 100 percentile range. As environmental awareness and regulatory compliance is becoming the standard for industry, developers, municipalities and counties, Stormdrain Solutions has the solution for your storm drains. We manufacture the Inceptor to fit any basin dimension and in multiple shapes to suit all applications.

For more information about our company and premier product, the Inceptor, please take a moment to view the information that is provided in this website. Please contact Stormdrain Solutions to see how the Inceptor can suit your stormwater plans.

Thank you,

Robert Sharpless, CEO


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