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The Inceptor is a grate or curb inlet suspended catch basin insert that complies with the NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 when used as a Best Management Practice in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans.


The advantages to stormwater treatment
· Guaranteed stainless steel unit construction
· Peaked-top design allows debris bypass.
· Open-top design collects debris
· Large filter surface area treats flow rates 2-3 times greater than other catch basin inserts
· Performance tested and designed for over 6 years
· Captures oil, grease, total suspended solids and particulate heavy metals
· Drop-in-installation and reduced maintenance cost.
· Maintenance entails only biannual PolyDak filter replacement.
· Ideal for roads, bridges, parking lots, municipal maintenance facilities.
· Greatest filter longevity to reduce maintenance costs
· PolyDak filter captures widest range of contaminants to ensure compliance
· Eliminate Vactor truck cost for sump cleaning
· No construction costs or mechanical fastening
· Custom designed and fabricated at competitive pricing



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